OCL Biofactory Press Announcement




Oxford Chemicals Ltd (OCL) is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative 3 year Research & Development project to produce Natural High Impact Aroma Chemicals compliant with EU legislation. The project, with OCL as the lead partner, will be carried out in collaboration with Durham University and Novacta Biosystems Ltd. The project is supported by the UK Government's Technology Strategy Board and the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council.

The objective of this project is to establish a new industrial bio-processing facility based on the use of novel biocatalytic routes to the production of validated Natural Flavour and Fragrance High Impact Aroma Chemicals from renewable and readily available resources.

The project both draws upon the expertise of Durham University (DU) in the development and application of plant and microbial technology and to expanding and developing the portfolio of sulphur chemistry techniques undertaken by OCL to produce natural and nature identical High Impact Aroma Chemicals. Novacta Biosystems will provide process development of the technology via their expertise in biotransformations

The project provides a platform to develop other chemistries and biocatalytic techniques which will be applicable to F&F customers and other fine chemical applications ranging from pharmaceutical & neutraceutical to agrochemicals.

Anthony Weston, Managing Director of OCL, commented "These are exciting times for everyone involved with this project. For the first time this will give flavourists access to a whole new world of Natural High Impact Aroma Chemicals, which previously have not been available"