Technology Platform

Novacta has developed an extensive platform for discovery, structural manipulation and cost-effective scale-up of peptide-derived antibiotics in order to improve therapeutic and pharmaceutical properties and enable commercial exploitation.


In vivo biosynthetic manipulation


Novacta has cloned and sequenced the biosynthetic pathways to key members of the class B lantibiotics. Systems have been established which allow rapid, massively parallel modifications of the amino acid sequences and screening of the progeny lantibiotics. Novacta has tested large numbers of lantibiotic variants via this methodology and has purified, characterised and evaluated many improved compounds.


Semi-synthetic derivatives


Novacta has also developed and applied synthetic methodologies for derivatisation of both natural peptide-derived antibiotics and biosynthetic variants. Derivatisation results in improved activity, selectivity, pharmacokinetics and pharmaceutical properties.




Fermentation and recovery processes have been developed at large scale enabling Novacta to obtain kilogram quantities of fermentation-derived starting materials and semi-synthetic drug candidates.

Novacta is currently prosecuting 17 families of patent applications based on its technology platform and products. The company also holds a number of granted patents.


Technology Platform