Novacta Therapeutics

Novacta Therapeutics is the newly formed division of Novacta, focused exclusively on the discovery and development of novel antibacterial and antiviral agents to treat severe and difficult bacterial and viral infections.
Following the appointment of a new managerial team, Novacta Therapeutics was formed in 2008 as a result of a strategic decision to focus exclusively on the company's product pipeline. Novacta developed its product pipeline based on exploiting the potent pharmacological properties of lantibiotics - a drug class that, although exhibiting superior anti-infective properties, until now has been underexploited due to the lack of adequate research tools - and bacteriocins-proteinaceous toxins produced by bacteria to inhibit the growth of similar or closely related bacterial strain(s). The company has a business model of early outlicencing taking the compounds to POC in man.

As a result of the wide variety of biological and chemical structures that can be generated by Novacta's technology platform, the company has improved and enhanced the therapeutic applications of this class and is developing several novel drug candidates in the anti bacterial and anti viral area.

Novacta Therapeutics Pipeline


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