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The Nycodenz gradient solutions for the preparation of essentially iso-osmotic Nycodenz® gradients has been devised and these can be prepared usinganiso-osmotic solution of Nycodenz®which contains:

27.6% (w/v) Nycodenz® (density = 1.15 g/ml) made up in
buffered medium. 

This solution may be diluted to desired
concentration by using a buffered diluent containing either
sucrose or NaCl as osmotic balancer.

The composition of these diluents are as follows:

  • 0.75 g NaCl or 7.45 g sucrose dissolved in 100 ml 5 mmol/I TrisHCI (pH 7.5) containing 3 mmol/l KCI and 0.3 mmol/I

The relationship between density and refractive index (n) can NaCldiluent Sucrose diluent
Density = 3.287 n - 3.383 Density = 3.410 n - 3.555iting 

Understanding Nycodenz: A Technical Overview