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Precision Solutions: Revolutionizing Cellular Research with Versatile Culture Vessels

Our cell culture product line revolutionizes research by providing tailored solutions for diverse applications. CellFlasks offer adaptability for suspension and adherent cultures, while Cell Culture Plates deliver versatility in size and bottom types with stringent quality controls. The universal Cell Culture Dish seamlessly integrates into laboratory workflows, and the varied sizes of our Cell Culture Dishes, alongside tailored surface treatments, cater to specific experimental needs. In each product, our commitment to quality, safety, and precision empowers researchers to elevate their scientific endeavors with confidence.

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In the forefront of cutting-edge cellular research, our comprehensive range of cell culture vessels redefines the landscape of experimentation. The CellFlasks offer precision and adaptability, providing a versatile solution for suspension and adherent cell cultures, facilitating long-term growth and large-scale expansion. Elevate your research capabilities with ergonomic designs and varied surface treatments tailored to specific cell culture needs.

Step into the future with our Cell Culture Plates, offering a myriad of options from size variations to bottom types. Choose from clear, flat-bottom, or U-bottom plates, each meticulously crafted to meet the demands of your experiments. With quality assurance features such as non-pyrogenic, DNase/Rnase-free, and endotoxin-free composition, these plates ensure reliable results while maintaining the highest safety standards.

For a universal application across plant, animal, and microbial cultures, as well as seamless integration into laboratory processes, our Cell Culture Dish stands as a beacon of versatility. Its varied surface treatments cater to suspension and adherent cell requirements, while its quality construction ensures a partner in research excellence. From stacking to delivery, this dish seamlessly integrates into laboratory workflows, promising not just a vessel but a catalyst for scientific discovery.

Lastly, our Cell Culture Dishes, ranging from 35mm to 150mm, offer a spectrum of sizes to suit diverse applications. With tailored surface treatments, high-clarity material, and stringent adherence to safety standards, these dishes provide an ideal platform for your experiments. Sterilized by irradiation with a SAL of 10^-6, they create a sterile environment essential for precision in cell culture work.

In essence, our suite of cell culture products represents a commitment to excellence, offering researchers the tools they need to push the boundaries of scientific exploration. Choose reliability, versatility, and precision for a new era of experimentation and discovery.

CellFlasks - Revolutionizing Professional Cell Culture


 Unlock the full potential of cell culture with CellFlasks, the ultimate solution for long-term cell cultivation, large-scale cell expansion, and contamination prevention in the laboratory. This cutting-edge technology is designed to meet the diverse needs of researchers and scientists, providing an unparalleled environment for cell growth and experimentation.

Key Features:

  1. Versatility: CellFlasks offer versatility like never before. The untreated surface is ideal for suspension cell culture, while the TC-treated surface provides excellent hydrophilicity, facilitating the adhesion and extension of adherent cell lines. This dual functionality ensures adaptability to various cell culture requirements.
  2. Long-Term Culture: Engineered for long-term cell culture, CellFlasks provide a stable and controlled environment for sustained growth. Researchers can confidently embark on extended experiments and projects, pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration.
  3. Large-Scale Expansion: Scale up your cell culture operations effortlessly with CellFlasks. These vessels are optimized for large-scale cell expansion, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency in the laboratory. Streamline your processes and achieve higher yields with ease.
  4. Contamination Prevention: Say goodbye to contamination concerns. CellFlasks are designed with meticulous attention to detail, incorporating features that minimize the risk of contamination. Focus on your research without the distraction of unwanted variables.


CellFlasks are the preferred choice for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Biomedical research
  • Drug discovery
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Vaccine development
  • Cancer research


CellFlasks redefine professional cell culture by combining innovation, adaptability, and reliability in one seamless solution. Elevate your research capabilities and achieve groundbreaking results with the precision and performance of CellFlasks. Trust in the future of cell culture technology — trust in CellFlasks.

Product Features

1. Size Options:

  • T25
  • T75
  • T175
  • T225

2. Cap Types:

  • Sealing Cap
  • Filter Cap

3. Surface Treatments:

  • Non-treated for Suspension Cells
  • TC-treated for Adherent Cells

4. Material Composition:

  • Bottle: Polystyrene (PS)
  • Cap: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Filter Membrane: Polyethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
    • Passed the USP CLASS VI Toxicity Test

5. Quality Assurance:

  • Non-Pyrogenic
  • DNase/Rnase Free
  • Endotoxin Free

6. Sterilization:

  • Sterilized by Irradiation
  • SAL (Sterility Assurance Level): 10^-6

7. Ergonomic Design:

  • 1/4-Turn Cap for One-Handed Operation
  • Ergonomically Engineered for User Convenience

These comprehensive product features make our cell culture vessels a superior choice for researchers and scientists, ensuring reliability, versatility, and optimal performance in a variety of laboratory applications.

Unlocking Precision in Cell Culture: Comprehensive Cell Culture Plates

In the dynamic realm of cellular experimentation, achieving reliable and reproducible results is paramount. Our high-quality cell culture plates stand as the cornerstone for diverse cell culture and analysis experiments, ensuring optimal conditions for procedures such as cell transfection, immunofluorescence, colony formation, and more.

1. Versatility in Plate Types:

  • To cater to the diverse needs of researchers, our cell culture plates are available in various types, providing a versatile platform for a myriad of experiments.

2. Surface Treatments for Tailored Results:

  • Untreated Surface:
    • Ideal for Suspension Cell Culture
    • Provides an environment conducive to the growth of suspension cells, fostering a dynamic and unrestrained cellular milieu.
  • TC-Treated Surface:
    • Treated Polystyrene Surface with Enhanced Hydrophilicity
    • Tailored for the Adhesion and Extension of Adherent Cell Lines
    • Facilitates robust growth and interaction of adherent cells, ensuring a stable foundation for experiments requiring cell attachment.

3. Precision for Varied Experiments:

  • Whether you're delving into cell transfection, exploring the intricacies of immunofluorescence, or studying colony formation dynamics, our cell culture plates are designed to deliver consistent and reliable results across a spectrum of experiments.

4. Quality Assurance:

  • Crafted with meticulous attention to quality, our cell culture plates are engineered to meet the highest standards. This commitment to quality ensures the integrity of your experimental outcomes.

5. Tailored for Research Excellence:

  • Researchers can trust our cell culture plates to provide the optimal environment for their cells, promoting cellular health, proliferation, and interaction. Elevate your research to new heights with the precision and reliability of our cell culture plates.


In the intricate world of cell culture, precision is key. Our high-quality cell culture plates, with their varied plate types and surface treatments, empower researchers to push the boundaries of scientific exploration. Elevate your experiments, ensure reproducibility, and unlock the full potential of your research with our comprehensive range of cell culture plates. Trust in precision; trust in excellence.

Product Features

1. Size Options:

  • Choose from a versatile range of sizes, accommodating experiment needs from 6 to 384 wells per plate.

2. Bottom Types:

  • Tailor your experiments with various bottom options:
    • Clear Bottom: Ideal for transparent imaging and visualization.
    • Flat-Bottom: Ensures stability for adherent cell cultures.
    • U-Bottom: Designed for optimal suspension cell culture conditions.

3. Surface Treatments:

  • Non-Treated Surface:
    • Perfect for Suspension Cells
    • Fosters dynamic growth conditions for cells in suspension.
  • TC-Treated Surface:
    • Ideal for Adherent Cell Cultures
    • Treated polystyrene surface with enhanced hydrophilicity, promoting adhesion and extension of adherent cell lines.

4. Packaging Options:

  • Flexibility in packaging to suit your preferences:
    • Blister Box: Convenient for individual plate access and storage.
    • Paper Plastic Bag: Eco-friendly packaging alternative.

5. Material Composition:

  • Crafted from high-quality Polystyrene (PS).
  • Passed the USP CLASS VI toxicity test, ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards.

6. Quality Assurance:

  • Non-Pyrogenic: Eliminating concerns related to pyrogens in experimental setups.
  • DNase/Rnase Free: Ensures the integrity of genetic material in sensitive experiments.
  • Endotoxin Free: Minimizes the risk of unwanted biological contaminants.

7. Sterilization:

  • Sterilized by Irradiation: Ensures a sterile environment for cell cultures.
  • SAL (Sterility Assurance Level): 10^-6, providing a high level of confidence in the sterility of the product.

These meticulously designed product features make our cell culture plates a reliable choice for researchers, offering versatility, quality, and performance across a spectrum of experimental setups. Choose excellence; choose precision for your cell culture studies.

Elevate Your Cell Culture Experience: The Ultimate Cell Culture Dish

In the dynamic landscape of cellular research, the choice of cell culture vessels plays a pivotal role in shaping the outcomes of experiments. Our Cell Culture Dish stands as the epitome of versatility, designed to cater to a spectrum of applications, including plant, animal cell, microbial culture, and seamless integration into laboratory cell culture processing, stacking, and delivery workflows.

1. Universality in Application:

  • Our Cell Culture Dish transcends boundaries, accommodating a diverse array of cell cultures, making it the go-to choice for researchers working with plant cells, animal cells, and microbial cultures.

2. Functionality in Laboratory Processes:

  • Beyond its primary function as a vessel for cell culture, our dish is engineered to seamlessly integrate into laboratory workflows. Whether it's processing, stacking, or delivery, our dish offers versatility without compromise.

3. Tailored Surface Treatments:

  • Untreated Surface:
    • Tailored for Suspension Cell Culture
    • Provides an environment conducive to the growth of suspension cells, fostering dynamic and unrestrained cellular development.
  • TC-Treated Surface:
    • Treated Polystyrene Surface with Enhanced Hydrophilicity
    • Ideal for the Adhesion and Extension of Adherent Cell Lines
    • Facilitates robust growth and interaction of adherent cells, ensuring a stable foundation for experiments requiring cell attachment.

4. Quality in Every Detail:

  • Crafted with precision, our Cell Culture Dish upholds the highest standards of quality.
    • Rigorous testing ensures functionality across a range of applications, promoting confidence in experimental outcomes.

5. Seamless Integration into Research Workflows:

  • Designed not just as a vessel, but as a partner in your research journey.
    • Facilitates stacking for efficient storage.
    • Streamlines delivery processes, ensuring convenience and precision in every step.

6. Elevating Research Possibilities:

  • With our Cell Culture Dish, researchers have the tool they need to elevate their experiments. Whether exploring intricate cellular interactions or conducting large-scale cultures, this dish provides the foundation for groundbreaking research.


The Cell Culture Dish isn't just a vessel; it's a catalyst for excellence in cellular research. From its universal application to its seamless integration into laboratory processes, this dish is more than a product—it's a partner in scientific discovery. Choose a vessel that transcends boundaries; choose the Cell Culture Dish for a new era of experimentation and exploration.

Product Features

1. Varied Sizes for Diverse Applications:

  • Choose from a range of sizes to meet the specific needs of your experiments:
    • 35mm
    • 60mm
    • 100mm
    • 150mm

2. Tailored Surface Treatments:

  • Non-Treated Surface:
    • Ideal for Suspension Cells
    • Fosters a conducive environment for dynamic suspension cell growth.
  • TC-Treated Surface:
    • Enhanced Hydrophilicity
    • Ideal for Adherent Cell Lines
    • Facilitates robust adhesion and extension of adherent cells.

3. High-Clarity Material:

  • Crafted from High-Clarity Polystyrene (PS)
    • Ensures optimal visibility for microscopic observation and analysis.

4. Compliance with Safety Standards:

  • Passed the USP CLASS VI Toxicity Test
    • Demonstrates the commitment to the highest safety and quality standards.

5. Assurance of Purity:

  • Non-Pyrogenic
  • DNase/Rnase Free
  • Endotoxin Free
    • Minimizes the risk of unwanted contaminants, ensuring the integrity of your experiments.

6. Sterilization for Sterile Work Environments:

  • Sterilized by Irradiation
    • Ensures a sterile environment, eliminating the risk of microbial contamination.
  • SAL (Sterility Assurance Level): 10^-6
    • Provides a high level of confidence in the sterility of the product.

These meticulously curated product features make our Cell Culture Dishes the epitome of reliability and precision in the realm of cellular research. Tailor your experiments with confidence, knowing that you have chosen a vessel that meets the highest standards of quality and safety.